My name is Kacy, I am 22 years old and born in the UK- I have a passion for taking photos and writing. I have attempted a blog a few times in my life but never managed to stay motivated -Now, I am so ready to stick at this and keep it going forever..

I have decided to create a blog about absolutely everything. Maybe after a while I will possibly attempt a youtube channel, but at this moment in time I want to put my effort into my own little section on the internet. One step at a time right?

You will notice that a lot of photos I use on my blog are not actually of myself.. I am not very good in front of the camera, but I LOVE being behind it, so everything used is my own photography (unless you find the odd photo where I do join in)

Everything I post is based on my own personal opinions and I hope you enjoy reading through my stuff and enjoy all of my photos!