Do you have a goal for  2018? Take a minute right now and really consider whether you genuinely have a goal set for this year and if you don’t then how come?

I really believe that settings goals and targets help you achieve better in life. Thats not to say you won’t if you don’t set them, but my opinion is that it inspires you. Whether your goal is to write a book, get a new job or travel even, there are ways to get there and focusing on it will you get there one step quicker. There are many goals I want to accomplish in life but my main one for this year is to focus on my photography.

If you read my blog post previously about having a passion (or know me anyway) then you will know I L O V E photography. I got my first camera on my 14th birthday and have enjoyed taking photos ever since. I have upgraded every few years and added TO my equipment at every point I could – it is an expensive hobby -My main focus is on fashion and portrait but I do like a variety of styles which takes me on to my goal for 2018.. to pick up my camera more and really focus on it. I would love to be a professional photographer and when I sit here glum sometimes day dreaming about it, I have to try remind myself, I am the only person getting in the way of that dream. I don’t pick up my camera enough even though I have so many ideas. This then can make me feel down as I have many opportunities and don’t take them. But this is my year. My year to make something of myself. I also would like to focus on:

  • Moving into my own home that I own
  • Getting back into the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Writing a book

I mean talk about 3 big goals right?? 100% – but being negative wont get me there. Saying ‘I wont be able to do that’ isn’t going to help me prosper.

However, I have now changed my outlook on this and set myself different goals to make photography/videography a priority in my lifestyle (don’t worry, I haven’t forgot already that I need to get back into the gym and get fit.) I have already started writing down notes and creating brainstorms in a notebook that I have recently brought, to help me branch out and feel more motivated. I have also done 2-3 shoots already this year which haven’t only made me realise I love it, but made me realise I am good at this and I can do this.

Has this made you realise you want to set a goal for the year? I hope so.

I believe having a goal to be excited to achieve boosts our mood and makes us want to succeed even more than we already do. Your goal may be small to others or pointless but if it is your goal and it is something YOU want, then help yourself get there.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t just my goal for 2018 but my whole life. I just have some hope that if I make it one of my main goals for this year then by 2019 I could be writing a blog post about how my dream turned into a reality.


Coat – Next

Jumper – Next

Bag – Ted Baker


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