When I was about 13 I thought in my head the ideal life was to be moved out from home, married with kids and in the best job ever by 23.. lets just say my life is not going  that way and I am now turning 23 soon and only just thinking about moving out. I technically lived away from home when I was 18 and at university an hour away but lets be real, I was STILL at home more than I was away. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a home gyal!

So me and Jack (my other half if you didn’t know) had these mega plans to go travelling about 1 year ago. I think after a hiccup in my life a few years back I realised that life is too short and you will only get out of it, what you put in. In my head this meant pack your bags and see the world. Now I know you’re probably thinking, why can’t it still mean that? It totally can. However, I don’t know if I was made to go travelling for a long period of time. I love the sun, new places, different food and cannot wait to see more of this amazing universe, but when I eventually sat down about a month before Christmas, it hit me. I am forcing myself to love the idea of travelling for what? for who? because when I sat thinking, I couldn’t sit there and say ‘I can’t wait to go travelling because I’m going to love it’ I think I thought it was going to fix my life, my problems, but it really doesn’t.

It was then me and Jack finally thought after 6 years, lets have our own space. I love living at home with my mumma and my siblings, who are my absolute world, but considering Jack stayed in Australia for a few months and I’m not ready to pack up and say bye, I am now over the moon about house hunting. We have so many ideas and plans about moving out which makes me have c r a z y butterflies ~ insert biggest smiley emoji that ever existed ~ so I thought I would give out some pointers on how I have managed to start saving. Firstly I just want to mention, those who say to you ‘you cant do that, you can’t buy that, you can’t go there, you’re saving to move out’ are kinda right.. BUT BUT BUT.. honey you still have to have a life and if that means spending now and again, you spend! But lets start with some of the tips I can give to you for starting:

  1. Don’t throw the idea of holidays down the drain.. oh trust me they can still happen. Everyone needs an adventure now and then so my advice would be to make sure you have a seperate savings fund for hols because every body needs a break.. seriously, I know I do.
  2. Have a money box that you can put your spare change into as you will always find yourself with some when you don’t expect it and if you can go without it, throw it in! Even if you add the odd note into it, once its in try not to touch it and if you can go without it, it’ll soon add up (if you’re like me, you never have cash, oops)
  3. I have now also got a box that I have started to put vouchers in. I think this is a really cool idea as I got some vouchers for next, Ikea etc for Christmas and to know that when I move out I will have added to them, I’m going to be so excited furniture shopping. This can also include any kinds of vouchers like my mum has paid for me and Jack to stay at a hotel with a comedy night, this has gone straight into my box so I know it is there when needed and I have things to look forward to still.
  4. If you can try having two bank accounts, one where your wages go in and you pay for your bills and one where you can transfer savings into then its a great way of separating your money. You have to be careful not to use it though! It just makes it easier to know what is being used as savings and again, once you have put it in there you just have to try live without it.
  5. Kind of going back to the whole ‘money box’ idea, focus on something that you seem to buy a lot (mine is coffee and magazines) and yes buy them now and again but if you can go without, put that money into the pot because you was going to use it anyway so it may as well be saved.

Any more tips, leave a comment! hope you enjoyed reading.

Thanks x



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