ZZKIDSZZRALPHZZSHIRTZZJEANSZZTRAINERZZJBZZSHOZIESZZJUMPERZZGLOVESZZSHOESWhen it starts to get cold everyone does the big transition from short sleeved tops and shorts to about 3 layers and much much warmer items. I am definitely one to run to the shop and grab a few new jumpers every year. But whoever says that you can’t dress ‘fashionable’ because it is cold, is wrong (Although, I swear kids can pull off everything??) –  Winter can still be a really good time of year to have your kids wear their favourite clothes, especially at this time of year when they get new clothes for Christmas! Dressing your child in a nice top with some ripped jeans and trainers can still be a great combination whether you’re going out for dinner, popping to the pub for a drink or if they are off to a party. I think it’s really important that kids feel good in what they are wearing, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to go out and buy expensive clothes but letting them wear something they want to wear alongside it looking fab is fun for them too.

Stone Island Jumpers  – JAKKS

Ralph Lauren Shirt- Bicester

Jeans – River Island

Nike Air Force one Trainers – JD

Nike air max 97 Ultras – Nike

Gloves – JD


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