“Beauty is pain”

This phrase is something that has been going around for many many years..

Most people don’t even realise how in this day and age, it probably takes a toll on more girls than is noticed. We tell our sisters, daughters, nieces etc that they should feel beautiful how they are and not to listen to what others think of them, for others to then tell them “well beauty is pain”.. but should we have to suffer to look good?

Us girls go out and basically pay a high cost just to feel beautiful. Whether it is getting our eyebrows threaded, wearing heavy extensions, heels that make our feet hurt, we genuinely pay for beauty and thinking about it, it is a bit crazy. I myself endure some of this too, but it wasn’t until today I realised how many people comment on how pale I am and said that I should use sunbeds look better and I thought.. many girls worlds revolve around looking good all the time and a lot of it is to feel they are in with the crowd. It makes me wonder if those who don’t pay out for all of this feel beautiful too and I really hope they do.

meg smiling

I read through a few articles today to help inspire me write this blog post and I came across a few things that females did years ago:

  • In the 19th centre, women actually wore corsets so tight it broke their ribs
  • In the 1930s they wore radioactive cosmetics
  • Women used Rejuvenique facial masks which electrocuted their faces to tone their muscles

Going back many years, women actually felt unlucky to be born with freckles so they were advised to rinse their faces in lemon juice or sit in the sun till they burnt off. Women that were deemed as overweight were told to take drugs to help them be slim. Some women were advised to dilute pure ammonia in warm water then massage it through their scalp for good shampoo and believe me, the list goes on and on and on. These high maintenance lifestyles should be for us to feel proud of how we look, not impress others. Don’t you think?


Not all beauty treatments are easy to take on and I wish that more girls felt they could feel glamorous without having to put themselves through pain to look good. It seems that nowadays it is important to try and fit in else you are not classed as ‘socially acceptable’ but it shouldn’t be this way. Everyone is different whether they wear makeup or not, buy expensive clothes or have them handed down to them, wear extensions or just shove their hair up in an unwashed bun. I also feel that with the saying beauty is pain, a lot of girls suffer physically with their weight and think they should be extremely slim to come across pretty. If girls can take anything away from this post today it would be that you can wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do with your face and go through what you want to go through to feel good.. but don’t feel you have to deal with paying so much and going through discomfort to please others, because it really isn’t always a pleasurable outcome.

Women should feel powerful and want to look beautiful to make themselves feel good and in control. This world shouldn’t be about putting yourself through pain for beauty if it means pleasing others, do what you want to do for YOU.

Every girl I know is beautiful and for all different reasons, females should start knowing this and wanting to feel proud no matter what anyone else thinks. The society today is all about what to look like and how to look like it, but focus on yourself and believe me, it’ll change your perspective.

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