Treasure the present

This morning I woke up at 7.45am and the first thing I heard was my younger sister shouting at my brother about him taking her chocolate to school. I mean first world problems right? apparently so. When she got home from school I asked her if she wanted to take a trip to Costa and she was totally up for it. We took a few photos for this blog post and headed there, singing at the top of our voices the whole way and then taking about 10 minutes to park (I am awful). We ordered drinks and a chocolate brownie to share, gossiped away for about an hour, then headed home to chill and have even more of a gossip whilst my brother and mum were out.

After going on many holidays this year with friends/Jack, I have started to realise how old my siblings are getting. It actually hits you how quick time is going and that you need to treasure every moment you currently have with family and friends. So many people live in the past and I personally think it is really sad because life can only move forward if YOU let it. The present is so important as you never know what is going to happen in the future or how long you have with people before something changes again.

People always say to me that I have a busy life and should be lucky because I do a lot and always have plans in my diary for the next like 3 months and you know what? I totally agree that I am a lucky person. I make sure that I have weekends booked up with family and friends because I want things to look forward to and memories to have forever. Everybody has their issues behind closed doors and my life certainly isn’t perfect.. but I have a great family that keep me going, a boyfriend who I am in love with and a few friends who I can count on and make me happy. Some people aren’t planners and like making last minute decisions, which I also agree with, who doesn’t love being spontaneous! But I do think that people should value their time more with those around them and just have fun.

In the past few years I know a few people who have lost their lives or had something negative happen to them, including people close to me. It is sad to see them get stuck into a rut or feel they are stuck in the past and I would love for others to genuinely realise that the past has happened and you cannot change anything that has already occurred.. it is that simple. You can only change what is going to happen next and that comes from making your present time a better time and making your life more positive. Bad things happen so that good things come along, let go of the past and focus on right now.

Below are some photos I took of my sister tonight before our little chill night and where her clothing items are from.


Jumper – Next

Waistcoat – Peacocks

Trousers – Next


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