Well (I actually did let out a sigh at this exact point) where to start with this interesting weekend away. So many good things happened on this trip with memories I will never forget.. however we had a few hiccups at the beginning and the end. But it’s all ay okay because we had a fab time! And yes writing this blog post I am half asleep, but I’m sure as my cup of tea goes down nicely, I will start to come alive ~yawns for about 3 minutes~ maybe. This is quite a long post but I hope you read and think about taking a trip to Dublin.

I must admit, I have been on a few holidays this year including Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Madrid and Turkey.. but T H E N I thought a few weeks ago, It will be Christmas in a few months and a fresh year so why not have one more adventure before the year comes to an end. After googling many places and asking for recommendations me, my boyfriend Jack and his mum Sally settled on Dublin. The flight came up as an hour long and fairly cheap so we decided to book Friday-Monday and start planning. This started by booking the Game of Thrones Tour for the Sunday! Reading the itinerary, we got mega excited and couldn’t wait to get there.

Our experience started on the Friday afternoon when Sally came to pick me up from home and her car broke down on the way! *I told you there were hiccups* After a swap of vehicle, we got on the road to pick up Jack from work on the way to the airport. We made it with an hour to spare, so after a 50 minute flight and a 5 minute hang around for our bags, we got in a taxi and headed to the ‘North Star Hotel’ – a 10 minute walk from the city centre and although not the cheapest, a lush accommodation. The lobby, restaurant and random bits & bobs around the hotel were quite quirky and I loved the fact that they had loads of halloween decorations hung up already, how exciting. We had some food and drinks then headed to our room which was a decent size, clean and the beds were really cosy.

On the Saturday we decided to grab some lunch from a local shop and catch the Hop-on Hop-off bus (something we do in every city as you get to see way more) and went on a little ride around Dublin. We jumped off at the Guinness Storehouse where we spent a few hours learning how it is made by watching videos, listening to clips and of course.. tasting the alcohol itself. It was really interesting and I have definitely found a new love for the drink.

After this we headed to Temple Square and went for dinner which we had booked at Boxty restaurant. This place was in the top 10 places to visit on Trip advisor and the food was amazing! Alongside my Porn Star Martini or two. We didn’t have a late night on the Saturday as we knew we had an early start on the Sunday for the tour, so off to bed we went with an alarm set for 6.30am.

Our coach arrived and we left around 8am with a 2 hour drive ahead to Northern Ireland. The scenery on the way was beautiful and it was nice to be in the country side after spending a day in the city which was busy busy busy. The day consisted of dressing up In GOT cloaks, playing with the replica of the casts swords, doing quizzes and checking out all the places where some of the scenes were filmed.. it was crazy good! I couldn’t recommend it enough if you are a fan of the show and for £60 it was 1000% worth it. We got to watch the scenes on the tour guides iPad which made being there even more real, it genuinely felt like we were part of the cast. We stopped off for lunch at a pub called ‘The Lobster pot’ which was fantastic, my wine came in a goblet, Jack’s cider came in a horn and Sally’s Guinness came in a Tankard.. cool right?? Right. We also got to meet the Husky’s which were used in some of the seasons which was wicked as they are Jack’s favourite dog and were so fun to be around.

By 7.30pm when we got back, there were red weather warnings all over the news advising people to stay in and have shelter on the Monday as a hurricane was on it’s way. We were pretty freaked out. It claimed all schools/colleges were going to be shut and that people shouldn’t head off to work unless it were really necessary. We booked another night incase our flight was cancelled on the Monday night and done what any one else would have, ate and drank lots of Guinness/wine. Come the Monday the streets were empty and the wind was awful. Our flight got cancelled and we had to rebook for the next night, thank god we had another room arranged and ready for us. This meant a a night of playing cards and chilling with a spare day on the Tuesday for shopping and trying out more Irish food. We had to catch a flight to a different airport which caused a bit of hassle but it was our only option of getting home.

I could have cried at 6.45am this morning when I got up for work, tired and cold in the pitch black but after crying with laughter every minute of the holiday I was content with being back to my normal routine . I love October, but I must say, this whole darkness thing at an earlier time, I am not a big fan at all. It is days like today where I wish I was a Professional photographer who could go and shoot/blog whenever I wanted and have more time to create a Youtube Channel, but I know that day will come one day ~fingers crossed~ and that is the day I will be my happiest.

Enjoy some photos of my Dublin Adventure, you would have definitely wished you were there.












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