World Mental Health Day

When my alarm went off this morning for work, it was 7.30am. I went downstairs and made myself a healthy breakfast, whilst my mum made me a cup of tea. I opened my laptop straight onto all social media and as usual, the news. Then I realised.. everywhere was posting about ‘World Mental Health Day 2017’ and within 5 minutes of reading, I couldn’t believe how many people had come together to talk about their personal issues and facts around Mental Health.

I myself have suffered with minor anxiety most days for many years and only recently have I started to understand how common the disorder is. I have never been aware how many people are effected by it. And I when I saw it all over the news and social platforms this morning, it really hit me.. It isn’t just me who feels the way I do a lot of the time. Sometimes I wake up and the thought of driving to work makes me feel so anxious, sometimes I wake up and think ‘I really can’t go to the shop on my own’ so I don’t. Other times I wake up and feel like everyone is staring me and knows how ~uncomfortable~ I feel, and it makes it worse. On the odd occasion, I get panic attacks for no reason. But it is actually okay. Today made it seem okay. Because no matter how lonely you feel when your disorder gets to you, the whole world comes together for at least one day, just to recognise how many people suffer from either anxiety, depression etc and you know what? It’s great!

Do you ever feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it? Do you ever feel like it is just you? Because honestly, Mental Health issues do not define anybody, and that is something I have come to terms with. Feeling anxious or depressed isn’t who you are. You are you and Mental Health issues are just a small part of you that you didn’t ask for. And yeah, maybe it can’t be ignored completely. But you can wake up with positive thoughts and plans for the day and keep going, because it will be okayThat is my word to sum today up…. okay.

So when you next feel like your Mental Health disorder is taking over your life or consuming who you are:

Think HAPPY thoughts

Try doing some exercise

Make sure you have enough rest

Get out and do something fun

Talk to somebody who you can confide in

and realise…. you will be okay.

I decided to upload a photo of my younger brother and sister for this blog post because on days where I have a rush of negativity, they keep me going. They make me belly laugh to the point my jaw hurts and they make me realise that everybody is different, but everyone is human in their own way. If Mental Health awareness could be spread across the world more, then more and more people will actually start to feel okay.






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