Okay so I have been overly excited to do this post, not only because it is my first proper one, but because it is about an amazing cocktail bar in London and I have to tell you about it…

So my mums birthday was back in July and me, my auntie, my sister and her girlfriend had all decided we were going to go to the Shard in London to attend the silent disco (been before, it is fab!) but as the only weekend we had free was September- busy an all – we somehow decided to do something else. Staying over is expensive as not all of us live there, so we thought about getting the train, going for food and drinks then heading home at midnight.

My sister had tried to get a table at Tonight Josephine for ages but due to being booked up for several weeks, she got turned down. Until, she managed to get a table 7pm-10pm for all 5 of us for the exact night we wanted.. A M A Z E. When she told me where, I googled it for ages and we were all looking forward to it. I mean Amber from Love Island was there the night before, wouldn’t you be excited? of course.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon came and we all met up in Southbank, London and headed to a place called Strada for dinner. It wasn’t the greatest meal we had but after a bottle of prosecco, what the heck eh!

Walking down the road we spotted the little pink ‘Tonight Josephine’ sign and billboard outside. Pink is my favourite colour so knowing I was about to walk into a bar where everything was that colour, I felt like a child at a fairground. We headed in and I was overwhelmed by not only the pink, but the glitter and how busy it was. Girls were taking photos from every angle, sipping on there 2-for-1 cocktails, flicking their hair like Beyonce and strutting their stuff in their 5 inch heels. It was so glamourous. Everything in there shouted girl power, girl gang and everything girls girls girls.

Our table was reserved (brill idea btw as it isn’t massive) so we had a quick read of the menu and then headed to the bar for some Pornstar Martinis ~ omg ~ Flaming Zombies and lots lots more. Drinks were flowing all night, the music kept everyone going and the staff were so cool and energetic. Overall, it was such a fab night! The place is wicked especially for events or even if you just fancy nipping in for a cocktail and a shimmy (I recommend dressing up a bit). It is definitely the place to go if you love blogging and are an Instagram freak like me.

Take a look at their website and Instagram – /     GET BOOKING!

Here are some photos from our night!




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