Is wanting something the same as needing something?

So I am sitting here with my comfies on, cup of tea by my side and lots of scribbles on paper all around me, wondering what to write for my first blog post. I mean… I have plenty of ideas for this blog, however I am going -i n s a n e- without an adaptor for my new laptop, which means no access to my SD card.

This has resulted in me starting off my blog by writing about my new laptop and some of the plans I have. Going back four years ago, when I eventually turned 18 (the
day I became an adult) I unwrapped a MacBook Pro and omg was I happy. My older sister had one and I was very envious, until the day I unwrapped my own and nearly wet myself. Well, not literally. From that day on I have loved using it for my photography, obsessing over social media and also gawping online at celebrities and their buys that I 100% cannot afford but definitely want.. and need – Fast forward to the present day and my laptop has started to let me down. Taking 5 years to load, freezing for hours and my 10th charger falling out of its slot, I decided it was time for my best friend to go. So, I took it upon myself to ~obviously~ give my credit card some lovin’ (okay so its my boyfriends) and treat myself to the new MacBook Pro of 2017. He likes to remind me it isn’t a buy that I need, but a want is surely the same thing right?

Absolutely. Well that’s what I tell myself when I buy something new that I have craved for ages.. and can’t afford, so that I can cheer myself up and be content. Since I got my new MacBook a few days ago, I have learnt how to fall in love again. I am back to consuming my time with dazing at famous people, online shopping that my wages cannot stretch to and editing photos of my own that I am proud of. So what can I say about the new MacBook Pro. It is light, very! A lot thinner than my old chunky thing and much much faster, hallelujah. I decided to go for the colour space grey this time rather silver as I feel like it looks smarter and I wanted something different to before.

Getting a new laptop that is finally up to date has gave me way more motivation to start a fresh blog. I have actually attempted a few in the past but feel I am in the right mindset now to be creative and actually stick this one out, yay! I want this blog to be about everything I love, you love and everybody loves. Travel, photography, food, fitness, beauty and basically everything to do with l i f e. There are so many bloggers out there I am inspired by and that have encouraged me to be realistic with myself about what to blog, when to blog and help me feel driven to keep at this in the simplest of ways.

So I am at the end of my first post, feeling quite accomplished and also on my third cup of the tea this evening, oops. Stick around and keep reading!

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